Tuesday 4 September 2012

Preston University a degree mill or real school

Hey children! Just this other day my son walked to me and asked me to assist him in finding the right university for him, he came to me because I am a career counselor, he looked really tensed and said that he couldn’t find the right direction and that every other mind gives him a different suggestion, said that it was awfully confusing. After I saw his anxious state I thought to myself that probably this is the case with many other students too who are finding it hard to figure out their right place, so I decided to put up this blog, my son is sitting beside me. I am writing this for my son’s guidance and so this means I am talking to you too considering you all as my children. Let’s get it straight, what I recommend you are Preston University. Why? Okay, what do you really want in a University? Academic excellence, professional and personal upbringing of students, a vibrating campus life, a sound faculty, supportive atmosphere…what more? If these are the ingredients you look for then Preston is the right place for you! I you find that a little hard to digest then it will be good enough to talk to some of the passed out students, but I don’t think you need to do that, because I am one of those students! I found that place really fruitful, and so will you! Best of luck!
The time when we are picking our new schools, then our new college, then our new university is always very hectic and confusing. I always wished if someone could guide me easily through it. I couldn’t get much of the guidance, so I thought I should be the one to give you a, little guidance about these things. Schools and colleges don’t matter as much as university does. I passed out from Preston University. It was a great one. One of the best universities, I had my life time there. I did my M.sc in international relation from there. I think the faculty is really supportive there. I see many happy faces with praise coming out from their lips for Preston University, I am one of those. I think it provides you a great campus life. You can chill out, and even make most of your time for studies and educational stuff. The professors are always more than happy to assist you in any of the difficulties you are facing. If you are interested in sports then yes this place is for you! If you are the nerd time then also this place is for you, they have spacious libraries, with thousands of books, and good teachers to explain the stuff in them! I guess it’s a whole package for anyone wanting to take admission in Preston University! You should really go for it!